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The Basketball Club Academy Mission

“DOMINATE SIMPLE - What we mean when we say “dominate simple” is when you’re working out or with your trainer, are you maximizing your time spent on game-like skills? 

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Everyone wants to go out and practice a crossover, between, behind the back to a side step 3 point shot, but how often are you using that skill in a game? Maybe that’s something you use 1% of the time, maybe 2% of the time if it is your job as a player within the framework of the team to make those types of plays. What are you doing the other 99% of the time within a basketball game? Coaches want guys who can “dominate simple”. They want to know that when the ball gets kicked to you in the corner you’re going to shoot that shot at a high clip. Can you catch the ball in the corner, use a simple ball fake, and get to the paint and finish? Can you handle the basketball with pressure and limit turnovers. Dominating simple skills means a coach can trust you. When a coach puts you in the game, they know exactly what to expect. So bottom line, when you are out working on your game to get better, spend most of your time mastering skills that you use 99% of the time in games. Have some fun and work on the advanced, combination skills with extra time but remember...DOMINATE SIMPLE”

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