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Basketball Club of Rhode Island


There is no individual success without first achieving team success. Be a good teammate. Encourage and support your teammates on and off the court. When you want to see your teammates succeed as much as you want to succeed yourself, that is when we reach our potential.



When you are in the gym, compete! Compete as hard as you can not only for yourself, but to help your teammates. We are all striving to reach a common goal. Keep the communication fluid. Communicate while on the court about defense and offense, but also communicate after practices and build relationships. When you enter a gym, say hi to everyone!



Nothing helps a team win more than intangibles in basketball. Reward intangibles verbally. When a teammate makes a great extra pass, tell them. When a teammate sets a good screen that creates a good shot, tell them. When a teammate gets on the floor to get a loose ball, show appreciation. Whether it is in a game or in practice, always verbally reward intangibles. 



As players and coaches, we are always trying to improve and move forward. Make improvement a priority. Try to improve every tournament, every game, every practice every play and every drill. Our goal is to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. When we make improving a priority, we will become successful. 

1 - Play As One

2 - Always Make the Extra Pass

3 - Dominate Simple

4 - Know How to Handle Adversity

5 - Talk and Communicate

6 - Always Be Ready to Help

7 - Know How to Win and Lose

 Know That Team > Self

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